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Because there are times when it is in the distant vehicle depot,
in the case of a visit by the vehicle condition confirmation.

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Our Restoration vehicle

Lancia_1995 >  Lancia delta HF integrale Evo2 collezione( Final Limited Edition Model year:1995 )

Lancia_1993 >  Lancia delta HF integrale Evo2(Model year:1993)                                             

Lancia_1993   Ferrari 330gt 2+2 Series I(RHD)(Model year:1964)                                           

Lancia_1993  Mercedes-Benz 190SL W121 Wood dashboard (Model year:)                              

Used car

Toyota Land Cruiser 70(Year:2000 Diesel 4.2L LX FRP Top RHD AT Mileage:170.000 km )

MIDAS GOLD (Year:1988 1.3L RHD 4MT Mileage:79.000Km)

LANCIA BETA COUPE (Year:1984 1.3L LHD 4MT Mileage:54.000Km)
ZIP: 326-0324
Street address: 1276
Kubota-cho,Ashikaga City: Tochigi
Country: Japan
TEL +81-284-74-2253


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